Xentry Tab + Xentry VCI

Xentry Tab + Xentry VCI

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Since the end of November 2012, the new generation of the XENTRY Kit diagnostic hardware will be launched for all brands and categories of Daimler AG under the established XENTRY brand.

The new product concept and brand combination for hardware and software components will be the next step towards an integrated After Sales System environment with future-oriented diagnostic solutions.

Under the „XENTRY Solutions“ umbrella brand, users will now have access to XENTRY Diagnostics, XENTRY TIPS, XENTRY Flash and XENTRY Support & Feedback, as well as to the hardware diagnostic solutions XENTRY Kit and new tools such as XENTRY Control.

Workshop staff may use the XENTRY Connect with either the XENTRY Tab or a standard PC.

Advantages of the new product concept

  • Improvement to system stability (e.g. a reduction in flash aborts)
  • Greater flexibility
    – Install your own software on the XENTRY Tab
    – Work on several vehicles at once
    – all model series can be diagnosed
  • Alternative use of a standard PC with Windows 7 with base performance requirements
  • Cooperation with Panasonic, the market leader for “Ruggedized Computing”

Signifi cant changes as a part of the new product concept.

General conditions for the new product concept

  • The most important demand segments are covered by the new products
  • The retail contract period has been extended from 36 to 42 months
  • Current basic2 customers are recommended to use XENTRY Connect in combination with an existing PC; however, no support is provided for standard PCs
  • Measurement technology and chip card readers can only be combined with XENTRY Tab; SBC Flashbox and MoTelDis are connected to XENTRY Connect
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