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Professional Battery Charger

Innovative, Versatile, Efficient!

Innovative Design, Innovative Technology

The radical design of the PRO60 allows for convection cooling through a central cooling core, which eliminates the need for cooling fans and improves operating efficiency and reliability. Unique ‘Resonant Converter’ transformer technology delivers even high levels of current with total efficiency and stability even at high ambient temperatures.

Compatible With All Chemistries

The PRO60 is suitable for all types of 12V battery including normal wet/flooded, Calcium (Ca/Ca) and Gel, as well as AGM and EFB batteries for stop-start vehicles and Lithium LiFePO4. It’s also compatible with all sizes of battery from 10Ah to 1,800Ah (15Ah to 600Ah LiFePO4), making the PRO60 the only battery management tool you’ll ever need.

Variable Power Supply Selection

Many vehicles must be a supplied with a precise voltage before diagnostic fault-finding, ECU flashing or re-programming can be performed. The PRO60 offers total flexibility for the user with 12.6V to 14.8V available, selectable in 0.1V increments. The PRO60 features two Power Supply modes depending on whether or not the battery is present in the vehicle. If the battery needs to be removed, a ‘Memory Saver’ Power Supply mode allows preservation of vehicle settings.

Quick And Easy To Use

The PRO60 is designed to be user friendly, it has a simple user interface with just four buttons and a clear LCD display. The unique patent applied for Adaptive Charging mode automatically recognises the size of the battery and selects the optimum charging settings for the fastest charge. It automatically compensates for parallel loads and, with built-in temperature compensation, the PRO60 constantly adjusts for ambient temperature changes.

Charges And Reconditions

Batteries that have been unused for long periods are more difficult to charge, however CTEK’s patented multi-step charging process features automatic desulphation to remove the harmful deposits that build up during discharge. Even deeply discharged batteries can be brought back to full working order with the PRO60.

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