Diagprog 4

Diagprog 4

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For Automotive

Easy, fast and safe vehicles programming

DiagProg4 diagnostic tester, a successor of famous DiagProg3, is the latest generation device of DiagProg series. It is a fully professional portable tool, that offers maximum flexibility and comfort while maintaining easy of use. DiagProg4 diagnostic tester can read and erase OBD system errors DTC’s, reset engine oil inspections as well as clear accidents and make language alteration. This device can work with various EEPROM chips and FLASH memories.

Mileage / Motohours programming

The best and most popular DiagProg4 function is the capability to program mileage and motohours on a wide range of supported vehicles. Worth mentioning is that DiagProg4 can save you a lot of time and money because it can access a lot of functions straight through OBDII connection ensuring easy, fast and safe usage. The device supports all possible communication protocols. DiagProg4 diagnostic tester is the most advanced and powerful automotive diagnostic tool currently available on the market.

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