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Simple to use user interface, intuitive, complete with descriptive keys.Separate unit with high speed connections, Bluetooth or cable.

Human interface with 10 inch TFT LCD touch screen display, innovative compact design. Diagnostic interface with OBD vehicle plug.


On every electronic component the following can be carried out:

  1. Reading and erasing errors.
  2. Automatic display of Identification, Hardware number, Software number and ECU manufacturer.
  3. Reading of data in real time and displayed in numeric or graphic mode (up to 8 channels at the same time).
  4. Check operation of components (i.e. electric windows, lighting, engine solenoid activation, etc).
  5. Adaptation and coding (ECU configuration, coding, recoding, programming etc).

Accessories Supplied

  1. Impact resistant case with accessory housings.
  2. Diagnostic cables kit.
  3. In car power cable (cigarette ligher-12v)
  4. Mains switching power supply/battery charger 100÷240Vac 50÷60Hz
  5. Automatic search and diagnostics of all on board ECUs by pressing a single key (Fast Test Function).
  6. Battery life until 4 hours
  7. Capacitive touch screen
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